we’re decarbonization specialists

Welcome to NorthStar Clean Energy. We help companies with ambitious sustainability targets decarbonize using customized green energy and decarbonization solutions.

We work alongside our commercial, industrial, municipal and institutional clients as one team to reduce emissions while supporting energy requirements.

We complement our tailored decarbonization solutions with wind, solar, biomass, and energy storage assets we own and operate throughout the United States.

Founded in 1987, NorthStar Clean Energy is a wholly-owned, unregulated subsidiary of CMS Energy (NYSE: CMS).

we create custom physical and virtual power purchase agreements

NorthStar Clean Energy enables maximum flexibility to help our clients ensure their renewable energy investments grow with them.

Solutions include managing settlement location and basis risks, varying the amount of contracted megawatt capacity over time, managing shape and volume risk and even sharing risks and rewards in contract terms.

NorthStar Clean Energy procures physical and virtual PPAs by matching your long-term renewable energy procurement needs with those of developers and owners to unlock value. We can also restructure or match the developer/owner/operator's assets to meet your needs.

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we build wind, solar and energy storage projects

NorthStar Clean Energy develops, owns and operates utility-scale wind, solar and energy storage projects anywhere in the U.S. Energy contracts are often 20- to 30-year commitments, that few other renewable developers can offer.

With our strong record of safety, operational excellence and financial stability, you can count on NorthStar Clean Energy as your energy partner for many decades to come.

we’re onsite renewables experts

NorthStar Clean Energy has deep expertise in designing, building and operating custom onsite renewable energy projects to flexibly meet your needs.

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we create custom products and deliver energy marketing services

NorthStar Clean Energy can serve as your wholesale energy market participant. That means we leverage our relationships with power marketers to access the energy products you need – anywhere in the U.S. – to power your growth.

Our energy products and services marketing team can manage all types of products – energy, capacity, renewable energy credits (RECs) and more – to help you maximize value and substantiate renewable energy use claims. We can also integrate these products and services into PPAs and VPPAs to boost revenue and lower costs.

a financially strong partner that delivers

CMS Energy Corporation (NYSE: CMS) is a Fortune 500 energy company that is committed to clean energy through its subsidiaries, including the nation’s fourth largest combination utility.

As a financially strong developer within CMS Energy, NorthStar Clean Energy can streamline the project financing process and maximize the value of tax credits to lower costs. Financing options include project finance, balance sheet, tax equity, lease structures and more. We can also integrate these options into PPA and VPPA structures to enhance your business case for investing in renewable energy.

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