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welcome to NorthStar Clean Energy

Companies with ambitious sustainability targets need an ally.

  • A trusted partner who seeks first to understand your sustainability and business goals.
  • A team of specialists who bring deep expertise to help you decarbonize faster than your competitors.
  • A passionate advocate that delivers customized, flexible solutions.

Put simply, in a fiercely competitive environment, companies need a north star.

Read on to explore NorthStar Clean Energy – who we are, who we serve and why we’re different than every other renewables solutions provider on the market.


From physical and virtual power purchase agreements to renewable energy credits and energy marketing services, we help clients reach their decarbonization goals. Learn about the full spectrum of NorthStar Clean Energy's solutions, all under one roof.


NorthStar Clean Energy develops, owns and operates wind, solar, biomass, energy storage and natural gas generation projects nationwide to meet our clients' needs. Learn more about our generating portfolio.

customer perspectives

Hear directly from NorthStar Clean Energy clients about how we’ve helped them creatively accelerate their decarbonization goals.


Learn about NorthStar Clean Energy's approach to supporting our clients and how we've built our deep clean energy and decarbonization expertise.


Let's talk about your business and sustainability goals and how NorthStar Clean Energy can partner with you to reach them.